Two qualities rarely found together in a realtor.

Two qualities rarely found together in a realtor.

With real-world business acumen and a lifelong passion for all things equestrian, Maria Mendelsohn is the go-to equestrian realtor nationwide.

A Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

Maria Mendelsohn offers a portfolio of high-end properties for horse enthusiasts and discerning clientele seeking luxury real estate investments. As a lifelong equestrian with a background in international finance, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the equestrian real estate market. High profile industry leaders and world-class equestrians from across the globe turn to Maria for her expert guidance and professionalism. She fully appreciates the value of building relationships with her clients based on mutual trust and understanding. Equally as important, she recognizes the imperatives of discretion, diplomacy, and protection in her commitment to her clients.

“Maria is a consummate luxury market and equestrian real estate professional. As I reflect on our recent Wellington, Florida, transaction, the following come to mind: exceptionally knowledgeable, passionate, keenly insightful, extraordinarily thorough and, most importantly, Maria has an innate ability to understand the wants, desires and needs of each and every client. The execution (and entire experience for that matter) was second to none and the pleasure was truly ours!”

- Rand Holstead

“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy working with Maria. She is so helpful and aware of her client’s needs. Always accessible for any question a client may have. Truly the only realtor in Wellington that listens to her client.”

– Karen Tuerk

“Maria sees opportunities that others do not, she showed me three amazing properties, the last one the house of my dreams, where I live now.”

– Leo Paoli

“She’s fantastic. She’s thorough, knows her stuff, creative and she’s solid.”

– Annabelle Garrett

“I worked with Maria Mendelsohn in Wellington last year looking for a new house. She was great to work with and completely understood my needs. She found me the perfect place and organized the final deal between the sellers and me with great ease. I never felt pressured or worried as she exudes calm, honesty and capability. She never talked a place up making it appear better than it really was. I found her to be absolutely wonderful and I just love my new place.”

– Marsia Holzer

“Maria is our number one broker. Her staff is always professional and wonderful with us, and we’ve been doing business with her for years. She is part of our family at this point, we love her!”

– Deborah Rego

“She’s amazing, she’s an amazing person. She is extremely honest, and I admire her work ethic both as a student of mine and as a real estate broker. She works really hard, and she always comes through for you. Whatever it is that you are looking for she seems to have a knack of finding it. Her energy is amazing to have around me in any capacity; as a friend, student and client — she just exudes happiness and goodness. I trust her incredibly.”

– Laura Bowery

“Maria Mendelsohn is without doubt the best in the business. She is the ultimate professional.”

– Mike Collins

“My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Maria when we purchased our home in the Polo Club. In addition to her obvious knowledge and expertise, Maria is high energy and creative. She did an excellent job negotiating a successful deal we felt was a win/win for both buyer and seller and in the process, we made a friend. Maria’s exceptional work ethic, and enthusiasm for her work is contagious. We enjoyed working with Maria and her wonderful assistants and would highly, highly recommend them.”

– Ginny Commander

“She’s a horse person, and she really understands the horse business and the real estate market. She was very helpful in orchestrating a deal and got our property sold pretty quickly. She did a really great job and was very professional. She’s very honest and an upfront person to deal with.”

– Kathy Newman

“It was absolutely the best experience I’ve had. I have homes all over the country. She and her staff made everything so easy. If I thought about things I needed to do or questions I had, it was already done. She made an experience that could be unpleasant, incredible. She’s knowledgeable and she knows the market. She’s a lovely person to be with, she doesn’t make you feel like any of your questions are unworthy. I just love her!”

– Jamie Jarvis

“I’ve worked with Maria Mendelsohn for over 10 years as her photographer. I would like to emphasize that she is the most professional and thoughtful agent I have ever worked with. She gives more than 110 percent to her clients and follows through even after the sale has completed. She will help find a trainer for the new owner or their child, household help — anything that will make the move easier for the clients. I would highly recommend Maria to anyone looking for a seasonal, rental or relocation to beautiful horse country.”

– Bea Bolton

“Maria is a 24/7 working machine that combines education, market knowledge, class and sophistication to give her clients superior real estate sale and purchase services.”

– Bob Sorgini

“Maria is a great person to do any type of real estate transaction with because you know she is going to work for you with the utmost integrity. She is the type of person that takes any project and treats it like her own. We know that whatever happens it’s always the best possible deal. She’s a great person and has become a great friend. I highly recommend her for any real estate transaction.”

– Ralph and Holly Charisto

“I would have to say it was a very good experience. She was very knowledgeable and pleasant to be with. Her supporting staff was equally as pleasant and knew their facts. She made a point of showing a few properties and made sure we ended up with the right one. She was very efficient with the sales of the one we had and got that done in a timely manner.”

– Gary Newman

“She’s always fun and energetic and optimistic about the real estate market. She’s very knowledgeable about what is occurring in the horse world and the real estate world especially in the West Palm Beach area.”

– Kate Gibson

“Maria is a consummate luxury market and equestrian real estate professional. As I reflect on our recent Wellington, Florida, transaction, the following come to mind: exceptionally knowledgeable, passionate, keenly insightful, extraordinarily thorough and, most importantly, Maria has an innate ability to understand the wants, desires and needs of each and every client. The execution (and entire experience for that matter) was second to none and the pleasure was truly ours!”

–Rand Holstead

“I have known Maria Mendelsohn for many years both personally and professionally. The integrity and honesty she has shown in our friendship carries through to her professional life as a realtor. Maria takes great pride in finding the perfect match between client and property. Her sincere concern for her clients’ ultimate happiness is what sets her apart from the rest. Her private clients can count on her and her team for professional expertise and confidentiality.”

– Caroline Moran

“Maria has an ability to look at all possibilities and was sensitive to all the people’s needs in both parties, the seller and the buyer. She is thoughtful, not forceful, wise, and creative. I was very confident that if we were meant to get the property we were looking at, that we would. Ours took some time unfolding and Maria never rushed any of us or made us feel uncomfortable. She held the space and allowed it to all unfold in its own time. I will recommend Maria to anyone looking to engage in a real estate deal. She has savvy and heart! In my book that goes a long way.”

– Heather Mack

“We’re writing to thank you again for the fantastic work that you and your entire team did for us around helping us find and purchase our home in Wellington, FL. From beginning to end, you and your team went above and beyond, handling each aspect of the process in an expert fashion with grace and finesse. From finding a listing for us that “checked every box,” to professionally guiding us through the negotiations, the contract, the inspection, the closing, then recommending first class tradespeople (painter, electrician, plumber, etc.) to assist us after we closed; this was the smoothest transaction we’ve yet to engage in. You, and your entire Douglas Elliman team are superstars; we are extremely grateful to you all for helping us find the perfect property.”

– Name withheld

A Dominating Force in the Equestrian Real Estate Industry

Maria began her professional career in the world of investment banking—representing large world funds like Baupost Group, Matlin Patterson and Leucadia National Corp. by buying distressed companies through the debt in America and Europe, while also pursuing her equestrian passion. As a result, she understands the sensibilities of those who live the same lifestyle, contributing to her accomplishments as a real estate professional specializing in fine equestrian and luxury properties. Due to her distinct expertise and unique skill set, Maria was recruited by Douglas Elliman to be a member of the exclusive Sports and Entertainment division, a designation reserved for the rare broker who meets the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

Exceptional Service & Extensive Reach

Maria and her dedicated team are based in her private Douglas Elliman office in Wellington, Florida and are renowned for their exceptional prowess in the equestrian real estate market in Florida, the Hamptons—and beyond.

With more than 15 years of experience as a realtor, Maria has built a reputation for actualizing her client’s investment goals, and for providing exceptional client care, both during and well after the transaction. For those looking to sell, Maria’s firm has access to both personalized, powerful marketing tools as well as the international connections of Douglas Elliman. Maria’s perseverance, loyalty, and unparalleled dedication to excellence make her a valued advocate for her clients’ real estate interests.

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